Hire Expert Angular Developers

Explore Observance Solutions as your ultimate destination for hiring skilled Angular developers on a monthly (dedicated), part-time, or hourly basis. As integral members of your extended team, our proficient Angular developers specialize in crafting applications, ranging from simple interfaces to complex portals. Expect high-quality, seamless, and punctual delivery, elevating your projects with the unparalleled power of Angular, meticulously tailored to meet your unique development needs.

What BOTAngular Developer Brings to the Table

AngularJS developers seamlessly integrate chatbot intelligence with Angular, crafting dynamic and user-centric web applications.
Quick Turnaround Time

Immerse in rapid project progression with our skilled Angular developers, adjusting to project timelines and ensuring prompt delivery through agile methodologies.

Top-Notch Coding

Elevate your projects with impeccable coding as our developers showcase expertise in crafting clean, error-free code adhering to W3C and ECMA Script coding standards.

Support for iOS and Android

Ensure seamless coding support for both iOS and Android platforms through our Angular mobile app development services. Our seasoned developers excel in crafting solutions for both platforms to meet your needs.

Dedicated Project Manager

Facilitating seamless communication between our team and clients, we assign a dedicated project manager. Serving as the conduit, the manager ensures the smooth conveyance of suggestions and feedback for an efficient collaboration

Flexible Engagement Model

Tailoring our services for affordability and accessibility, our flexible engagement model allows you to hire AngularJS developers on a project, hourly, or fixed-cost basis, accommodating diverse needs seamlessly.

Client Confidentiality

Safeguarding client ownership, we prioritise confidentiality through thorough NDAs, preventing code replication by any external entity and ensuring the exclusive integrity of our clients' products.

Why Hire Angular Developer from Observance Solutions

Exhaustive Experience

Unleash unparalleled expertise with our Angular developers boasting an exhaustive experience, ensuring precision and innovation in every project.

Project Flexibility

Adapt to evolving project needs effortlessly with our Angular developers, delivering unparalleled flexibility and agility.

Quick Understanding

Swift comprehension meets agile development as our Angular developers demonstrate quick understanding for rapid project implementation.

Rapid Set-up

Accelerate your development journey with our Angular experts, ensuring a rapid and efficient set-up for your projects.

Cost Savings

Maximise efficiency and minimise costs with our Angular developers, delivering cost-effective solutions for your web development needs.

100% Transparency

Experience projects with utmost clarity and trust as our Angular developers prioritise 100% transparency in every development stage.

Tools Our Angular Developers Use


HTML5 | CSS3 | JavaScript | AngularJS (JavaScript-based front-end framework) | Bootstrap


Node.js | Express.js | RESTful APIs


MongoDB | MySQL | Firebase

Hiring Angular Developers Made Easy & Quick

Seamless Angular Development: Simplified and Swift Hiring of Expert Angular Developers

Share Your Vision:

Begin by sharing your project vision and requirements through a specification document or in a meeting. This initial step allows us to comprehend both the project details and the specific skill set you are seeking.


Requirement Analysis and Consultation:

After receiving your requirements, our team conducts a comprehensive analysis. We engage in consultative discussions with you to propose a tailored strategy, suggest suitable skill sets, recommend frameworks, and explore potential solutions to address your project challenges.


Seamless Resource Onboarding:

Following the analysis, we present developers or a dedicated team based on your specific requirements. We arrange interviews for you to interact with the proposed resources. During this phase, we also delve into the development, delivery, review, and acceptance processes. To initiate the project successfully, a kickoff meeting is organized to align all stakeholders.