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Food and Beverages

In the food industry, having a stronger online presence is becoming increasingly important. Consequently, food industry software solutions are required by business owners to speed up operations. The management of a company's billings, inventory, logistics, customer service, and other functions is made easier by these softwares. It helps with bookings, online ordering, managing customer feedback, loyalty programs, payments, and other customer-facing tasks.

We offer customized solutions to Restaurants and similar on demand service providers in this category.

Food Delivery/ Ordering

Web and Mobile app based restaurant ordering platform with seamless ordering process. We have developed complex menu management with ability for user to easily find choice of their restaurant and make digital payment to confirm their order.

Solutions for order Management Software

Managing the assignment's delivery, storing order data and providing reliable insights are all included. To make the entire process more efficient, we integrate all of these features into a single platform.

Online Restaurant POS Systems

We develop easy-to-use and intuitive restaurant POS systems with custom integrations for credit/debit card payments to enable instant payments processing for restaurants. Our custom restaurant POS systems help streamline operations, reduce costs and increase sales. We design POS solutions to offer flexibility and versatility across environments with a large assortment of ancillary devices for delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Restaurant Management Software

Our custom restaurant management software solutions are designed to help restaurants transform their system-wide operations to reduce costs, increase revenue and delight their diners. Observance is a leading provider of both on-premise and cloud-based solutions based on modular architecture that enable restaurants to seamlessly manage inventory, staffing, reservations, loyalty, budgeting, accounting, orders, food costing, payment processing among others.

Online Grocery and Essential Stores Development

Our innovative software solutions enable online grocery stores to seamlessly manage their day-to-day back office business processes through automation and data integration.